Adjunct labor, Libertarianism, and DIY Collectivism

Here comes trouble

In case you missed it, a tenure-track professor of philosophy/public policy at Georgetown, named Jason Brennan, wrote a couple of pretty inflammatory (and certainly tasteless and obviously ones I vehemently disagree with) posts in which he argues, roughly paraphrased, that any adjunct faculty member who chooses to remain in the job is at fault for his/her own exploitation (Brennan acknowledges that higher ed as an institution is pretty corrupt–but seems not to care that his own “success,” such as it is, is therefore tainted–but anywho….), and that any organized collective effort to redress their own working conditions just reinforces the toxicity of the system.

His position is exactly what you’d expect from somebody blogging at a site called Bleeding Heart Libertarian. You can look for yourself if you want to read more of what he’s said. I’m not going to link to it. I’ve been starting and stopping and erasing and revising this…

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