Thoughts for my fellow tenured and tenure track faculty on National Adjunct Walkout Day

It’s time for adjuncts, NTTs, tenureds, and other FT faculty to connect and ACT.


Tenured and tenure track faculty share a (broken) system with adjuncts. We are all connected in this system of higher education. It’s time we believe it and start acting that way.

Because today is National Adjunct Walkout Day, I said some things on Twitter last night. What follows is the recap, with a few links to longer connected thoughts. (Or, you can read the Storify version.)

Hey fellow tenured/TT faculty, can we talk about the situation with contingent labor in higher education? It’s important.

Many of us decry efforts to replace tenured/TT faculty with adjuncts because we see it as administrators undervaluing us, undercutting tenure.

But let’s recognize that a big part of this is administrators undervaluing the labors of our colleagues who are adjuncts!

Adjunctification means the teaching without which higher education wouldn’t be higher education is done for less pay, with little or no job…

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