September Surprise: An Invitation to Charles Green — now with an UPDATE!

Academia: “Funhouse” Edition


UPDATE: So, I invited Charles Green, the Cornell writing lecturer who is the current leading scholar in Critical Schuman Studies, to print anything he wishes to right here on this blog, for pay, so as to avoid the indignity of brawling in the IHE comment section anymore. (You know what they say about wrestling a pig, etc. But what they don’t mention is that the people watching the wrestling match also have fun, and not the way you want them to.)

Anyway, Charles has responded and says thanks but no thanks (see comments below–largely thanks to an UNINVITED INTERVENTION by my DAD, which actually gave me the best idea for a meta-Tumblr ever, Dads Commenting On Blogs–any takers?).

Charles was very nice, so let’s all follow in the sincere example I’m trying to set, and thank him for being willing to come over here to unfriendly territory, and talk to me like…

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