The Airing of Grievances (Adjunct Version)

When I was an adjunct, I sometimes needed a safe, anonymous to vent about…whatever. Unfair conditions. Painfully low pay. A new administrative policy that helped no one but the provosts and deanlets. Knowing I was qualified for the tenure track, yet regularly hitting RESET every new school year or having to make nice when the department hired #FancyNewGuy instead of promoting from within.

Adjuncts can now–safely and anonymously–share whatever experiences, complaints, rants, or whatever on a tumblr, Adjunct Sounding Board: Add yours, and then share the link with other adjuncts.

Let those grievances air, I say. Higher ed needs to hear about it.  Whether they don’t know or just don’t care, schools and their upper-level admins need to know that, without adjuncts, higher ed would crumble.


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